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Re: KC April FND (Joakim)
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Ok Tango !

The idea is to show the FND selling pressure on FND as a long entry point and the added winter premium as I only choose the April FND and when its likely to turn down as a shortterm effect.

If moving average for 5 days was lower then the MA20 on FND ( April only ) and price was under 150 from all years ( 1995 - 2017 ) and you were Long at level 1/3 of the daily range from the FND low and selling
1/3 from the daily range high following days after FND, the chart shows exit from FND to 20 days after. Result is the acumulated maximum profit in cents , Max is the one trade with the highest profit , Min is the one trade with highest drawdawn.
Average is the average maximum profit per trade, Ratio Max/ Min is the ratio between the best and worst trade.

Hope it helps//Joakim

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