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Always smart, but/OI/Market
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Always smart analysis, but do you really want to sell NY KC below $1.20. Not me. Buyer of all dips going forward on this end. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't, but not going to turn it over in my mind daily. Being short dirt cheap commodities is not for me. Not any of them. Like corn, dry weather in central Brazil impacting their sugar production. Don't see any concerned comments about soil moisture in the coffee areas. That doesn't mean it isn't a factor. While I have ignored the depreciating REAL re coffee trading lately, I don't see any way out of their fiscal dilemma. There is no free lunch. Pain is not an acceptable solution to the masses. Saying the funds will only cover if prices go up is hallow. Prices can go up or down at any time. Anyway, KC is only one market. Lots of good fishing holes right now. No reason to be over occupied with KC.

Strong U>S> dollar and Chinese trade tensions not good for commodities. Given currency fluctuations and prices, Latin American bean and wheat acreage will increase big time next year. Easy to like commodities as an asset class right now, but currency fluctuations and trade problems could dent that.

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Always smart, but/OI/Market
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THIS is the best post ever, thanks JuanV...
No reason to be over occupied with KC?!?!!! *PIC*
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