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Dead right on the systems. pure price. The group that bought starting 4/27 is the same group that bot the sep 17' and dec 17' rallies. Both rallies were stopped dead by origin selling and system gamers and the rally eventually rolled over and the systems resold. Meanwhile the mid and long term systems are short and have been so for many months. What's different this time? We'll see, Initial sell stops are in the 119.50 area. Fail-safe, absolutely must exit stops are at 117.50 area, these stops will move higher over time.
On the bright side for the steadfast bulls, the medium term and short term BUY stops are bunching up together near the 12650 area. A cold threat could induce the trade to buy enough calls ( causing market makers to buy futures) to trigger the buy stops. If, if, if.. For now, more of the same.

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