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OI/Market/Volatility *PIC*

Liquidation was in Jul and Sep. It’s seems that based on spread activity and direction there was liquidation of spreads and continued new selling in July with new buying as well. Just my view. Today the market popped up after the OI was released but possibly the strong Real is contributing as well. USDBRL is 3.5563 -.0355 as the $ is sharply lower. The arb is showing a lagging RC at 39.92. JulSep is now trading at -2.20 as anticipated due to renewed fund selling. I don’t see any changes in the outright participation. Funds are selling new and commercials are buying below. There may be renewed buying by others. 120.00 May be pivotal as expiration is tomorrow. Happy to see different interpretations of the OI.

KC Straddle Update: (N 11860)
{{M 117.5 strd 160/180}}, EXP Tomorrow
{{N 117.5 strd 490/520}}, 18.35% -0.5%
{{Q 120 strd 750/780}}, 18.85% -0.4%
{{U 120 strd 960/985}}, 20% -0.2%
{{Z 125 strd 1520/1560}}, 21.85% -0.1%
{{H 127.5 strd 1900/1950,}} 22% unch