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So, U18 50D Vol is now 20.44, or the lowest in, I dunno, forever. We are approaching winter in Brazil when anything can happen and the current lack of rain can't be helping these trees regardless. Specs (namely algo boxes who are chasing roll yield) are max short. Every single forecaster is max bullish Brazil production (bearish prices). Hmm, I remember when they all thought the sugar market was headed for a 7MM deficit and now its a 10MM SURPLUS. Producers have already sold 25% of the coming crop because they so frustrated according to Cooxupe. Gonna be way less producer selling on the way up. Also, the BRL just moved to 3.600 and seems poised to fall back. I cannot wait for this thing to explode its going to be epic.

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Quick question
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Who said it? "$1.40 is the new $1.20"? *PIC*