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"right before #COFFEE prices tripled" *PIC*

Now. That's flying past $1.20~!!!~

Look what is happening to Lumber, truly astronomical in nature, beyond wildest imagination, history in the making. Every dang day. Just ask Dear Mocha!
Stupid crap 2X4's are selling for more than prime hardwood out of my forest! So, whatsup with that?!?
And Orange Juice just recently, shows NO SIGNS OF STOPPING AT ALL. Soaring past every hurdle like an berserk Olympian.
Cocoa bull continues to make fools of all naysayers, calling it a "sick puppy". It is you who are the foo foo poodle in this case, Sir!
I track and traded each of these, rode them up and jumped off at the first rest stop, making pocket change that I then promptly lost trying to fade them. Not heeding Jesse Livermore's admonition to sit on my hands.
Fundamentals cannot possibly explain these explosions, no way, no how.
This softs parade is a veritable Mardi Gras on steroids and cocaine. You think coffee isn't invited? Doesn't want to party?
The fallen Mark Nucera knew very well what waits. Sadly, he seemed as sloppy as I in risk control. Coffee needs no frost nor drought nor insect plague to appreciate.
Such moves never come with prior justification, neither beforehand nor can be explained even after the fact! IT JUST IS. And usually ignites over the weekend!
Coffee doesn't need no stinkin' frost. No frost nor hurricane just moved OJ 30 cents in a couple weeks, nonstop, no backing and filling nonsense.
Sadly, I am a commodity futures junkie with some very poor trading habits, lines on the charts are my needles and emotion is drug dealer.
Viscious transfer of wealth is funneling into thin softs for some reason. Why, who cares. This sure ain't your Father's root beer nor your Mama's yoga!

The Bollinger compression of coffee price spanning the complete time spectrum is frightening, truly an explosive setup as noted by Nagual in his volatility system warnings and by JuanV in recognizing the tight range potential. Perhaps the very next COT analysis here will incorporate values of $2 and change for a pound of coffee in the calculations?

Raniere, the mastermind of the cult 'nxivm' is said to have blown over $60 million dollars on commodities, ravaging the inheritance from the Bronfman daughters, Heiresses of the family fortune. No doubt in my mind that he was long coffee for most of that debacle!

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"right before #COFFEE prices tripled" *PIC*
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