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Somar: Drought or Frost?

Next five days:
The formation of a new frontal system brings the rain back to the three states of the southern region, including to the north of Paraná. By the end of this Tuesday, more isolated rains of rain must reach the interior of São Paulo in a very weak part of the Minas Triangle. Rainfall increases gradually in the main producing areas of Arabica until the end of this week, with accumulated around 30mm from the north of Paraná, to the center and south of Minas. However, the highlight is for the cold that will come after the rain. The beginning of next week will be marked by the marked decline of the temperature, because of the entrance of a strong mass of polar air. Although the models do not show temperatures that pose a risk of frost, this risk is not ruled out for the south of the State of São Paulo and the highest points of the South of Minas and Serrana Region.

Extended Forecast:
Until at least the 24th of this month we will have the performance of a mass of polar air that will leave the mornings cold and the evenings with mild temperatures. This cold spell should be more intense than the one recorded in the weekend of should rise slightly at the turn of the month.

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