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Somar: Talking cold, not dryness Alf

Next five days:
The presence of an intense area of Low pressure in the interior of South America, together with a cold front that advances along the coast, causes blows of rain, wind and still with the risk of hail in the producing areas of the north of the Paraná, in the interior of São Paulo and especially Mato Grosso do Sul. In the north of São Paulo, Triângulo and south of Minas Gerais, rainfall is less intense and more isolated. In the Conilon capixaba, the next 5 days are in the most unstable weather, but the rain turns weak and isolated. The main highlight of the end of this week is the marked fall in temperature expected from next Sunday, with risk of frost formation in some parts of southern Brazil, Mato Grosso do Sul and part of the Southeast, especially above of the Serra da Mantiqueira. In the main coffee areas, although the temperature is much lower early next week, there is still no risk of frost formation.

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