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CEPEA: Coffee Sales Quiet

CEPEA: Coffee Sales in Brazil Remain Muted

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – The latest report from the Center of Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (CEPEA) notes that after a slight increase in liquidity earlier this month, agents have slipped out of the market in recent days, slowing the pace of Arabica and Robusta trading. According to employees of Cepea, many producers are focused on harvesting the 2018/19 crop. In addition, the XXII Santos International Coffee Seminar, held on May 9 and 10, also limited business, as most of the agents participated in the event. On Tuesday, May 15, the CEPEA / ESALQ Indicator of Arabica type 6 closed at R $ 445,21 / bag, down 0.4% compared to the previous Tuesday. For Robusta, CEPEA / ESALQ Indicator type 6 closed at R $ 326.97 / bag, stable compared to the previous Tuesday.

Alexis Rubinstein