Welcome to the Coffee Traders’ Forum

Welcome to the Coffee Traders Forum new home. Please forgive the mess as we work on the website.

We appreciate your patience as we get everything in place. In the meantime please register and make a couple of test posts here to make sure everything is working as it should. Create a profile here if you like, and test uploading an image. You can choose what size you want the image to be in the pic upload dialog.

If you want to view a thread in one single page with all the posts in that thread open so you don’t have to click back and forth, just click the tiny “View thread” link.

Click on this "view thread" link to see the whole thread on one page

There is a private message option should you wish to communicate privately with other coffee traders – see image below. Please note that anything you post anywhere on the internet is NEVER 100% private!

How to send private messages